Stamp News Bulletin

On October 9, 2002 the United States Postal Service unveiled the artwork for a new series of 10 stamps honoring the Behind the Scenes Film Makers. The ceremony was held at the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences. The stamp art was unveiled to the public and press by Oscar winning Actress Gena Rowlands, widow of screen Director John Cassavetes, and by Sara Karloff, daughter of Boris Karloff, who was featured on the makeup stamp which honors the work of makeup genius Jack Pierce.

On February 25, 2003 the United States Postal Service, in concert with the Motion Picture Academy's celebration of its 75th anniversary, had the First Day of Issue of the Film Makers Behind the Scenes Stamp Series. The ceremony was held in the Samuel Goldwyn Theater at the Motion Picture Academy. U.S. Postmaster General John Potter, Gena Rowlands, Sara Karloff, Ernest Borgnine, Karl Maldon and Leonard Maltin all participated in the ceremonies.

The stamps honor the unsung, unseen heroes of filmmaking. The people who make it all happen. Each stamp is beautifully designed for it's particular film category: ART DIRECTION, CINEMATOGRAPHY, FILM EDITING, SPECIAL EFFECTS, SOUND, SCREEN WRITING, DIRECTING, COSTUME DESIGN, MUSIC, MAKEUP.

Commemorative stamps are available for only one year at your local Post Office, but years of planning and design go into the issuance of a set of stamps such as these.

As most Karloff fans will know, this is the THIRD stamp my father has been featured on. It is an extraordinary honor, and was once again a privilege for his family to have the opportunity to work with the U.S. Postal Service.

I have been told by stamp collectors that other than U.S. Presidents,

As a family, we could not be more proud of the legacy he left, both personally and professionally. We hope you enjoy the photographs from these two memorable stamp occassions.

Sara Jane Karloff