Boris Karloff reads From:

The Just So Stories

  • How the Whale got his Throat
  • How the Camel got his Hump
  • How the Rhinoceros got his Skin

    ~ and ~

The Jungle Book

  • Mowgli's Brothers (abridged)

All by Rudyard Kipling

As everyone knows, Mr. Kipling's animals are the ones most worth knowing anywhere. In the Just So Stories, we meet them when the world was new -- so new, in fact, that the Rhinoceros (imagine!) had not yet lost his buttons, and the Whale was still fond of eating nubbly sailors, and the Camel could humph himself salong with impunity (which is, of course , the only possible way in which to humph yourself).

And then there is Mowgli, who would gladly have remained a wolf till his life's end, except for a boy-eating tiger named Shere Khan. Boris Karloff knows all of them well, and tells their stories lovingly.

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