Browse through these pictorial tributes to one of the greatest actors of all time,
seen through the eyes of some of the most gifted artists in the world.

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Peter Neilsen
Peter Neilsen
Peter Nielsen was born in 1969 - and raised in Denmark by his parents who inspired him to begin drawing at the age of 5. He saw the original Frankenstein from 1931 on television when he was 10 years old and was immediately struck by Boris Karloff portrayal as the Monster which got him into painting and drawing The Monster. Later his drawing and painting abilities got him into the Danish Advertising business in 1988 where he would work for many years designing Movie posters and dvd art covers for various movie companies For 3 years he taught lessons in painting and drawing at the local Night School and today Peter Nielsen has his own Studio where he works and paints for Clients in Denmark . His Clients include LEGO, Nordisk Film and LucasFilm For further contact: Peter Nielsen

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Chris Ness
Chris Ness

Christopher Ness is an art educator and artist.

He paints in acrylic on 18" x 36" canvases, mimicking the ratio of widescreen cinema.

His subject matter are scenes of great cinematography, iconic characters and scenes. (



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