Basil Gogos is an American, born in Egypt, of Greek origin. After college in Cairo, he studied art at The National School of Design, Washington D.C., Phoenix School of Design, New York City, The School of Visual Arts, New York City, and The Art Students’ League, New York City. Since 1960, he has seen his illustrations on hundreds of magazine covers and as editorial material. He has illustrated the military, war, the Gothics, romance, science fiction and western adventure.

In a lovely note to Sara Jane Karloff, Basil wrote: “In all my years as a professional painter, and they are many, I have excelled most in one area, that of the film monster genre. I have met some of the actors who portrayed film monsters, but much to my regret, I never met the supreme Karloff. A superb facial structure with nicely chiseled planes, deeply sunken eye sockets, high cheek bones, and with one side of his jaw bone deeper than the other – pure drama. I must have painted him a dozen times. I respected Karloff as an actor, and at the same time loved him, as by all accounts a good man, even though he stole Christmas. So long, dear friend, you are missed.”


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All ImagesĀ (c) 1996 Basil Gogos