I hope you enjoy our newly designed web site, including a totally reworked Artist’s Gallery, Tribute Section, and Gift Shop!

It is my hope that other talented artists will send us their Karloff art for you to enjoy when visiting our Artists’ Gallery.

Please remember that each artist holds the copyright to his or her art!

You will also find my father’s filmography on this site, as well as his radio, television and stage credits.

As I frequently receive inquiries from possible distant relatives of my father’s, we have posted the Family Tree which appears in Stephen Jacobs book “Boris Karloff: More Than a Monster“. For those of you who are interested in more detailed information on my father, his life and his career, I can highly recommend this biography, which is available in our Gift Shop.

I always enjoy hearing from my father’s fans, and I especially enjoy meeting them at the various conventions we attend around the country. I will try to keep a current schedule posted on the site. We don’t do many shows a year, but we enjoy those we do attend.

I welcome any suggestions which you feel might make our site more enjoyable and user friendly for my father’s fans.

I hope you will enjoy our newly designed web page. It is our hope that it will be a successful combination of a tribute to my father and his work, a venue for the work of the gifted Karloff artists and a display for our revised ‘fan friendly’ product line.

I wish to thank our patient and talented web master, Tony Ciarochi. He is totally responsible, not only for our wonderful web site, but also for helping me maintain my sanity, as I remain essentially computer illiterate.

Thank you for visiting the official home page of my remarkable father, Boris Karloff, and helping me cherish the legacy, both personal and professional, which he left us all.


Sara Jane Karloff

Note: The free signed photos that were previously announced were for the summer ONLY.  After October 1st signed photos are still available for purchase on this website.  Please be sure to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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