Here are a couple of great video montages by Steven Moore.

It¬†was a real pleasure to piece together these humble little tributes to Mr. Karloff, whom I’ve vastly admired since I was the tender age of seven. His excellent “Thriller” TV series was my own convenient doorway to gradually discovering the wealth of his other works, both classic and contemporary to those wonderfully illuminating times. I’m in complete agreement with what filmmaker Joe Dante once said about how Boris Karloff rather miraculously became something of a folk hero to an entire generation of children, during the late 1950s and early 1960s. I was most certainly one of them!

Furthermore, my interest went even deeper, but on a strictly intuitive level. I grew up with that often decidedly sinister but disarmingly sympathetic old gentleman seeming to be (almost) as much of a positive influence within my young life as anyone’s actual family or friends might have been. Sometimes, certain thought-provoking portrayals (such as Mr. Karloff’s much celebrated depiction of Mary Shelley’s laboratory creation, as only one example), with hauntingly profound cause and effect. All of it can have a surprisingly potent impact upon certain children — especially if they (for whatever reason) are growing up as unwitting outcasts from society at large.

But these days, I’m just a retired illustrator, enjoying the small town peacefulness of Gold Beach ,Oregon, with my dear wife, Patricia, while not-so-secretly harboring splendid hopes that I might be successful in conveying my appreciation of vintage cinema — and Mr. Karloff’s enduring works — to my four grandsons.

My deepest thanks to Sara Karloff for consenting to share a little of her father with us over these many enjoyable years. I’ve delighted in observing her valued participation over time within so many profiles and documentaries — and the occasional event-related Q&A shared here on YouTube.

I hope that my own meager efforts might go a ways toward proving that her father’s lasting gifts still resonate quite strongly for so many of us, as we go about living our own day-to-day lives. Boris Karloff is most certainly remembered and loved.

Best wishes always…

— Steve Moore