My name is Ben Hagenbush and I had a passion for the art world since the time I was small. I never had any formal training, but it was always in me to do. Like most kids, I started with pencils. Then I graduated to paints. When I got a little older I began using chalk pastels.

I have used and experimented with just about every type of medium when it came to paper or canvas. Then at the age of five I was introduced to clay.  Along with drawing, painting and even wood burning, I worked with clay on and off all through my childhood.

Then one day out of nowhere, I finally made the decision to work with clay full time as an adult. Something about clay and me clicked.  Since then I have created sculptures for family and friends. I have entered my pieces in the Chiller Theater Model and Art Contest in the scratch built category, winning six times. I have done some work for companies as well as sell sculptures online.

I now have a website where I do commission work as a freelance sculptor. I have designed numerous pieces ranging from horror,fantasy and sci fi.

At this time I am hard at work, sculpting many commission for customers.