I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1955, so I grew up during the “monster boom” of the sixties and seventies. Our local host for the Universal “Shock Theater” package was “Sammy Terry” the “cool ghoul”. He introduced this nine year old boy to the wonders of “Karloff the Uncanny” with showings of most of his seminal Universal Classics.  I also grew up reading Forrest J. Ackerman’s iconic monster mag “Famous Monsters Of Filmland,” and instantly fell in love with the evochative works of Basil Gogos and Bama,  and hoped one day to do monster art for a living myself.

I ‘ve been in gallery “The Art Bank.” Indianapolis, Indiana. I’ve had one man shows of my work at several local eateries in Indy: The “Canary Cafe” and “Book Momma’s” and ” Tea Pots and Treasures.” I’ve given a lecture on impressionist art at the local central library there, also.

I moved to Elmwood Park, New Jersey in 2010 to remarry and to immerse myself in the retro art culture on the East coast. I have since begun making “Monster Sketch Cards” trading card sized ORIGINAL art work, “Karloff the Uncanny” being my favorite monster maker to sketch!

I met Miss Sara Karloff at the recent “Chiller Con” in Jersey and she was kind enough to take a long look at my work and expressed her admiration for my ability to gain a likeness in my work of her famous father.  Since then I have begun appearing at local “Retro Shows” and “Comic Cons”, and I am excited at the prospect of have my work seen on the OFFICIAL Karloff site!