For as long as he cares to remember, Irish artist Tom Heyburn has been interested in drawing the human face. Indeed, any selection of his work is more like a Hollywood hall of fame than any conventional portfolio.

In his early teens, he was so impressed by the iconic image of Boris Karloff, he sent a small portrait to the star for him to autograph. Fifty years later, he still has that signed drawing, now framed up with more up-to-date artwork of the late actor.

A self-taught artist, Tom has had many solo exhibitions of his work, which reached a much wider audience in the 1980’s through a series of Elbis Presley posters which sold throughout the U.K. and the United States.

In the 1990’s he was presented with the Caleb Award for “Commitment to Excellence in Art” and went on to produce work for the British Roy Orbison Society and the Laurel and Hardy Fan Club.

Throughout a varied career, Tom has continued to have many famous faces autograph their portaits for him. Over the years, this list has included Bette Davis, James Stewart, Frankie Laine, Elton John , Freddie Mercury, Kirk Douglas, Sean Connery and Jerry Lewis.

Tom prefers to paint or draw only those personalities he has admired, for the entertainment and pleasure they have given him.

Therefore, he considers each work his own tribute to some of his favorites

Tom can be contacted at:

31 Stockbridge Road,
County Down
N. Ireland
BT21 0PN

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