Tribute Letter from Andrew Santagato

Dear Ms. Sara Karloff,

My name is Andrew Santagato. I'm 29 years old. I live inToronto, Canada with my wife Kim, and 2 children, Dawson and Hannah.

I am currently studying to be a "Make-Up Effects Artist". I'm taking Dick Smith's "Advanced Make-Up Course". Dick is the make-up man behind such great movies as "The Godfather Parts I & II", "The Exorcist", "Taxi Driver" and many, many more.

I haven't done a lot of sculpting yet. I'm just getting into it. But one of the first things that I attempted to sculpt was your father as the Frankenstein "Monster". I was pretty impressed with myself, being a beginner to sculpting. I started this around the beginning of last September. I used a bunch of reference photos from 1931. It took about 3 weeks to complete. A few hours every night after work. After finishing, I made a duplicate of it in plaster, which I painted silver to give it the "Silver Screen" look. I threw in a few pictures of that as well. You'll also see a wall mount of Lon Chaney Sr. as the "Phantom" in one of the pic's. I also did that one awhile back.

I just wanted to send you some pictures of it, along with this letter to tell you that I am a BIG fan of your dad and his work. To say that I am a "Classic Movie Monsters" fan is an understatement. Growing up, watching these movies, was what inspired me to want to get involved with make-up and make-up effects. It was while I was looking for information on your father and his work on the internet, that I found the "Official Website". What an amazing site! I found out more about your father than I had ever previously known. The section that shows artwork from various fans and artists is nothing short of breathtaking. And the tribute letters just go to show that your dad has a great folowing of fans from EVERY generation. I'M LIVING PROOF!!

For Christmas, I received the DVD "Heroes of Horror". My wife and I watched it last week, and I have to tell you, your father's biography was just amazing to watch. Man! What a great life story. I respect the fact that he was able to keep his privacy, and seemed to be a very humble person. And I think that it's great that in real-life, he was the complete opposite of the characters that he played in many of his movies. As Carol Burnett said in his biography; "He was a gentleman; a very Gentle Man". I only wish that I could have met him. It would have been an honor.

Thank-you so much for sharing your father's life with his fans, and for keeping his memory alive with his site. It means a lot to us.


Andrew Santagato
Toronto, Canada

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