Dominick Tucci has been an accomplished professional illustrator for many years, specializing in caricature and cartoon art. He attended the Joe Kubert School of cartoon and graphic arts, graduating in 1992. He is currently an instructor at the school as well as illustrating for numerous editorial, publishing, and advertising clients. He also is commissioned to produce personalized caricature art for private clientele. If interested, you can contact Dominick at

A huge influence and inspiration for him has always been monster movies, especially FRANKENSTEIN & the other original universal monster films. Although present makeup and special effects are so much more advanced than films of that era, that beautiful moodiness & atmosphere will never be duplicated or the actors, especially Boris Karloff, that portrayed those wonderfully creepy and fascinating characters. It is a huge honor for Dominick to work with Sara Karloff and Karloff Enterprises and artistically pay tribute to the great BORIS KARLOFF!