Dick Westbrook is a self-taught artist and a life-long Boris Karloff fan. From an early age he had a passion for drawing, and became an equally passionate fan of classic horror movies, especially the Universal classics.

As a child Westbrook drew constantly and tried to emulate artists whose work he admired. Among artists who inspired him were Mort Drucker, Jack Davis and Wallace Wood, humorous illustrators whose work appeared in Mad Magazine. He started out drawing classic cartoon characters, then created his own characters.  What has interested him most since he was young is the human face, and form, whether in cartoon, caricature, or realistic portraiture and illustration.

Mr Westbrook has worked as an illustrator in educational curriculum, advertising, newspaper publishing, and children’s’ books. While at the Houston Post, he won first place in the Houston Press Club Awards for excellence in illustration.

He currently freelances in Oklahoma, specializing in caricatures for corporate and private events, and taking orders from the internet, working from photos. You can view some of his custom caricature work on his web page at http://www.partypop.com (type in caricatures by Dick Westbrook when you get to home page)  He can be reached at dickwestbrook@yahoo.com

Dick loves drawing and painting images of classic monsters and horror characters. Of course his favorite subjects in that category are the many characters of Boris Karloff.  He had such wonderful facial structure which makes him an artist’s dream. Westbrook likes to work in graphite, prismacolor pencil, watercolor and prismacolor marker.