BK_Yng vignette

Dear Sara,

Hello, this is Steve Moore.

Not too long ago, you (…and your wizard of a webmaster, Anthony…) were so kind as to inquire about posting a couple of my visual tributes to your Dad’s legendary theatrical career on your wonderful website. Naturally, I was pleased beyond measure that you should ever have wished to do so, and it has been a massive thrill to play even a tiny part in helping to joyously commemorate a phenomenally diverse and evocative body of work such as his.

Like so many people you must hear from as time goes on, I grew up not only aware of Boris Karloff’s presence in the landscape of the entertainment world (circa the early 1960s), but I also very much connected with that amazing capability of his to draw and hold one’s attention wherever he resided within that TV show or feature film spotlight. As the years paraded onward, those (then) contemporary acting or hosting projects had the added effect of inspiring my curiosity regarding his earlier works, and what a splendid and rewarding experience it has been to seek out so many of those vintage movies / old radio shows / live-on-kinescope TV broadcasts / documented stage performances — in addition to a richly captivating catalog of spoken-word treasure troves. To me, nobody could tell a story (of any type or genre) better than dear ol’ Boris. That was true when I was 7-years-old, and it’s just as true today, as I currently go hurdling along towards my 58th year. What a gift it has been to appreciate, to re-visit, and to savor for all of its rich qualities of timeless artistry and enduring relevance.

In any case, I guess I’ve lately been piecing together these humble little YouTube reveries in an effort to register my boundless gratitude. I’ve never been much interested in rubbing elbows with celebrities in general, but I would’ve certainly cherished the opportunity to have met and thanked your Dad for everything he did to make my life that much more enriched. And I’d occasionally have the thought of writing something like this to you, if only to sort of let you know. I’m not typically so outgoing a personality, but it seems that fate definitely played its part in bringing it all together, despite my own shy ways. Thank you, Sara, for your kindness, and for encouraging me to join you and the rest of your Dad’s adoring fans in this gleeful celebration of a vastly talented and exceedingly gentle soul.

Boris'_Happy_Halloween_2013bBeyond that, I just wanted to wish you and happy Halloween. I suppose it’s no real mystery who’s movies will be among those my wife & I watch this evening. Nope, no mystery there! If you get a chance, I’d love for you to perhaps take a look at my latest tribute clip. I happened to hear an interview with you on an obscure podcast, uploaded onto YouTube, and during the course of conversation, you made the comment that it was too bad how your Dad didn’t save or collect any of his movie posters, and that they’d be pretty valuable by this point in time. Wow, isn’t that the truth?! (hee-hee) Anyway, it suddenly occurred to me that it would be a really fascinating process to go combing through my image files, in order to gather an overview of Karloff posters throughout the years. So, below you’ll find the link to that particular labor of love. Geez, so much research, so much sorting and arranging, but I think I did alright. I also did a little restoration of some of the posters, but I tried not to get as carried away as I did with renovating the production stills used in previous tributes. I hope you’ll enjoy it…

BORIS KARLOFF: A Life In The Cinema (14:57)

***bonus clip***

KARLOFF & LUGOSI: The Godfathers Of Terror Tales (12:19)

As always, if you should ever wish to post any of my other Karloff tribute clips on Karloff.com, you’re always more than welcome to do so. Still, it’s a genuine privilege that you’ve seen fit to showcase the two that you already have.

Thanks again, Sara. Good night, stay warm… 😛

Best wishes always,