BK_Yng vignette

Dear Sara Karloff,

Hello, My name is Carlos Devizia, and I´m an Argentinian born in 1968.

I always liked cinema, and because of that I must say that mr. Boris Karloff was a GREAT actor.

During these days, in a cable channel they showed a retrospective of several Frankenstein movies, most of them starred by Mr. Boris. His acting is incredible, he doesn´t need any word to fullfill all the things that are hidden inside the monster. The deeper suffering of the creature and the sensation that men who interact with the creature in the different films are, in some cases,  the “real monsters” instead of the creature. You only need to see the big hands of mr. Karloff in an imploring gesture to understand what was inside of the monster. I also found great that he, in House of Frankenstein tooks another role, instead of the creature. Once again, with a totally different charachter he showed that he was a real actor.

When people thing of great actors they speak about Marlon Brandon or James Dean (and in fact they were) but I must say that Boris Karloff was one among the greatests. Not too many actors could do waht he did without the need of words for achieveing his great results. And Mr. Karloff was not only gifted for the horror. I still have in my mind the vision of him with a strange turbant terrorizing Lou Costello, in a movie that I saw along with my father when I was a boy.

Looking for info about Karloff, I found your website and I found this e-mail address, so I decided to write to you. First of all, to express my admiration for such a remarkable actor and also, to send you a rough sketch that I made several years ago.

I´m a professional artist and when I was studying, I made the sketch I am sending to you. I saw that you have an art gallery at your site, and It would be an honour if you could include this sketch. Anyway, if this is not possible for you, I will understand it. I´m attaching the file in a separate mail.

Well, that´s all for now, I just want to repeat my admiration for Mr. Karloff. I hope that this letter can reach his daughter. I always thought that, for a son or a daughter, is always pleasant to receive good words about their parents.

As I´m a non-native English speaker, I hope that the letter is understandable.

All the best for you and thank you for Mr. Karloff!

Carlos Devizia