BK_Yng vignetteDear Sara Karloff,

The magic of your fathers voice, with his unequaled abilities as an actor, have given us all a truly unique and very special gift which will endure over time. No one person has ever dedicated so much of themselves to their craft as your father, and I for one am very grateful that you are keeping your fathers legacy alive.

As a child, growing up, and now at the age of 59, your father has always meant a great deal to me and I only wish that I could have actually met your father in person to tell him just how much he truly meant to so many of us over the years.

Again, thank you for all that you do in helping to keep the memory of Boris Karloff alive in the hearts of so many of us. No one was ever great by imitation, and there will always be only one Boris Karloff!

Thank You So Much,
Adrian Hurd
Conway, NH