BK_Yng vignette


Born in England in ’87,
No one knew–outside of heaven,
The fate that would fall upon thee,
In ’31 across the sea.

During the wrath of a thunderstorm,
The man-made monster to Clive was born.
Sewn from bits of dismembered corpses,
Grave yards were the doctor’s sources.

After this first–the path was quite clear,
Doctors and monsters,
Creatures of fear.
But always a feeling of something quite different,
A feeling of pity,
Even enchantment.

Karloff the monster,
Karloff the fiend,
But the monster had a heart,
Not oft to be seen.

But the blindman could see it,
So could the child,
Cruel men with torches,
Made him so wild.

Burn’t and bleeding,
Away he would flee,
His face,
It was hoped,
They would never–again see.

But the truth of the matter,
To us is quite clear,
He returns on the late show,
Year after year.