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KARLOFF…the very name strikes terror into the hearts of most screen audiences, as did the persona of his most famous theatrical creation, Frankenstein’s “Monster.”  Yet, this gifted, versatile actor was a kind, intelligent, charitable performer respected by his colleagues, and adored by millions of children around the world.  Whether the gentle giant of Universal’s early “Frankenstein” films, the villainous Captain Hook of Broadway’s “Peter Pan,” the distinguished host of NBC’s acclaimed “Thriller” television series, or the renowned motion picture and stage actor who, through countless remarkable performances, brought dignity and compassion to the uniquely maligned genre of so-called “Horror Films,” Boris Karloff was an intelligent, sensitive actor who captured the hearts and imaginations of generations of screen, theatrical, television, and radio audiences.

My chronicle of the life of this legendary artist is now available at The Thunder Child science fiction/fantasy web magazine, and can be accessed by clicking onto the celluloid link below.



Steve Vertlieb