BK_Yng vignette

Dear Sara Karloff

My name is John Vukovich, same as my dads name, and when my brother and I was young we would stay up late saturday night to watch the old monster movies on TV. That is till our dad would yell at us to go to bed as we had to go to church in the morning.

One night dad yelled what are you kids doing and I said we where watching a Boris Karloff movie. To
our surprise our dad came down and watched the movie with us. Our dad did not like any kind of monster movies at all but every time a Boris Karloff movie was on he would come down and some times watch the whole movie with us.

When I got older I was watching a Boris Karloff movie and my dad came by and stopped, sat in his chair and watched it with me. I asked my dad why he didn’t like any monster movies but would watch any movie that Boris Karloff was in. Dad told me that during WW II he was wounded a couple of times and one time he was in a hospital, he thinks it was in Hawaii ( dad never knew where he was half the time when he was in the army) and was in a bed in a big ward full of guys. Everybody in the ward was asleep but for him and in through the door walked Boris Karloff.

Boris Karloff seen that all the rest of the men where asleep so he pulled up a chair next to my dad’s bed and my dad said Boris sat there and talked to him more than two hours! I asked dad what did they talk about so long. Dad said he told Boris about the Coal Miners Baseball team he played on and Boris told him about playing Cricket.

Dad told me he meet lots of movie stars as he used to drive them around on bond drives when he was stationed in DC. but he said Boris Karloff was the best movie star that he ever meet.

I hope you can add this story to your scrap book about your father Sara as Im sure you may have lots of stories like my dad’s from WW II vets. I hope my wife lets me go to the Monster Bash this year here in PA. and I get a chance to meet and talk to you.


John Vukovich