At three years old, Jason Brower was already fully ensconced in the classic world of horror, drawing monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman and impersonating his favorite horror heroes. Soon after, his early exposure to Creepy and Eerie magazines, Hammer Horror films and Universal Monsters made horror, and the artistic expression thereof, a lifetime obsession.

Jason’s love of rock album art carried him into his teen years: Ken Kelly’s KISS covers, Roger Dean’s Yes art and Paul Whitehead’s work with Genesis transported him to another artistic dimension. In addition, artists such as John Waterhouse, Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish, Aubrey Beardsley, John Tenniel, Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson, Basil Gogos and Greg Hildebrandt all fascinated and inspired him. Jason developed his ability to conjure beauty from the realms of darkness with pencil and paint. His work illustrates his knack for getting inside each character with an innate understanding of the tenderness and frailty of human (and inhuman) expression.

Jason collected Topps’ Wacky Packages stickers as a kid and, later in life, found it a dream to be working on them. Since 2012, he has produced original art for several Wacky Packages card series, as well as Wacky postcards sets, comic books and, most recently, Garbage Pail Kids and Star Wars. He is also a regular contributor to Upper Deck, Viceroy Card Company, Monsterwax Cards and Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine. Jason’s first book cover art, for a spiritual novel by Linda Trimarche-Siciliano entitled “Not Completely Human, Living on the Fringe of Humanity,” was published by Hay House/Balboa Press in 2014.

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