Dear Ms. Karloff:

I wanted to add my positive comments to the many you’ve received in that the website you designed and maintain is an elegant tribute to your father.  It’s a pleasure to go through it and read the insightful articles and the warm compliments from the fans.

I’d like to add my tiny bit in honoring your dad by sharing a painting I did of the Frankenstein Monster.  I can remember as a small child feeling deep pathos for him as a sentient being of feelings who was completely misunderstood.  Your dad truly touched our hearts with his powerful and wrenching performance.

Just a small side note is that when I was little, I was so enamored of your father that my parents used to have relatives send me birthday cards signed “Love, Boris.”  This went on until I was about eleven, and the funny thing was that when I discovered the truth I wasn’t even mad about it at all.  I knew they’d done it with such love so as to give a young fan the thrill that dear “Boris” had remembered her special day.

May this find you well and safe.

Stephanie Kana